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Generative AI has arrived and brought with it an explosion of creativity and entrepreneurship.

However, we’re only beginning to understand the risks of deployment at scale and we can't leave that an open question.
At DEFCON 2023, we're bringing together thousands of people from different communities to conduct the largest red teaming exercise ever for any group of AI models at the Generative Red Team (GRT) Challenge.
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At the GRT Challenge, thousands of people will experience hands-on LLM red-teaming for the first time – and we’re bringing in hundreds of students from overlooked institutions and groups. This is the first time anyone is attempting more than a few hundred experts to assess these models, so we will be learning together. We’ll publish what we learn from this event to help others who want to try the same thing.
The more people who know how to best work with these models, and their limitations, the better. This is an opportunity for the DEFCON community to dig into generative AI to apply their skills, and for new communities to learn AI by exploring its quirks and limitations.
Our nonprofit community partners include Houston Community College – which participated in the educational pilot of this exercise; Black Tech Street from Tulsa, OK; the Internet Education Foundation’s Congressional App Challenge; and in addition to Humane Intelligence and SeedAI, the Wilson Center Science and Technology Innovation Program (STIP) is joining as policy partner.
This exercise is also supported by the White House Office of Science, Technology, and Policy (OSTP) and is aligned with the goals of the Biden-Harris Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights and the NIST AI Risk Management Framework. The National Science Foundation’s Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate will also participate, and the Congressional AI Caucus is collaborating on this initiative as part of their AI Primer series. This exercise will be adapted into educational programming for the Congressional AI Caucus and other officials – as well as for the national networks of our community partners.
GRT Challenge
August 10-13
Caesars Forum, Las Vegas
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